20 years serving the community

20 years serving the community

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Trudy BoschEhrlo Housing operates as part of Ranch Ehrlo Society’s community services and its mandate is to provide affordable housing to people who need it in the city of Regina.

The program currently manages over 100 units within Regina. Four properties make up the Ehrlo Housing portfolio. There’s Lakeshore Village, which caters to low-income families; Washington Park Place, which is home to single mothers; McEwen Manor, which provides housing to people affected by persistent mental health conditions; and Chaz Court, which gives young people coming out of care an affordable place to live.


Lakeshore apartments

Ehrlo Housing recently celebrated 20 years in the industry so we wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of the most asked questions we get from potential tenants.

 What is affordable housing?
Affordable housing is a term used to describe rental housing that is available for low to moderate income households at or below average or market rent for comparable rental housing in that community or area.

Who can qualify for housing at Ehrlo Housing?
At Washington Park Place, single mothers between the ages of 18 -25 yrs., whose income is below the maximum housing income limit (see below).  At Lakeshore Village, families with dependants can qualify if they are below the housing income limit.  At McEwen Manor, singles, by referral through Phoenix Residential Society. At Chaz Court, youth transitioning from care to independent living.

What is the Maximum Housing Income Limit required by potential tenants to qualify?
$36,500 (1 bed); $43,500 (2 bed).

How do I apply for housing?
Applications can be faxed or emailed by calling 306-584-3313, or you can stop by and see us at 2910 5th Ave in Regina.

Chaz Court

Chaz Court

How do I get on the wait list? You can get on the list by submitting your application, and the requested income verification.

What utilities are included in the rent? Heat and water; tenant insurance included.

Can I share my apartment and rent with a roommate? Sorry, no.

Can I have pets? Also, sorry no.

We make every effort to fill apartments on a first-come, first-serve basis however interviews are conducted prior to tenancy to ensure safety and security of the neighbours and community. We meet applicants to get a sense of who they are, what their goals are, and to learn about their situation. We understand that many applicants have had trauma in the past that makes finding housing difficult or find it challenging to come up with references. We can work with you to make renting possible, but only if you are willing and committed.

“Affordable housing brings stability, economic diversity and improves the physical quality of the neighbourhood.” John Woods