Annual general meeting recaps

Annual general meeting recaps

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It was a busy week for annual general meetings.

The Ehrlo Child and Family Foundation (ECFF) and RES and E Holding Corporation AGMS were held back-to-back on Sept. 21st in Regina.

Bob Peterson

Senator Bob Peterson, chair of ECFF

ECFF was established in 2006 to further the work and profile of Ranch Ehrlo Society, with the objective to receive and manage funds for the exclusive purpose of making gifts to qualified recipients. RES and E Holding Corporation was also established in 2006 as a holding company to own and manage the property and buildings owned by the Ranch and the former Ehrlo Community Services.

This past year ECFF gave an $8,000 grant from the Dr. Geoffrey Pawson Legacy Fund to the Canadian Roots Exchange; a youth-based reconciliation program that engages youth to raise awareness of indigenous history, culture, and current realities. The grant will assist them in purchasing capital assets.  RES and E Holding Corp. received and accepted an offer from the Ministry of Highways to purchase a 3.59 acre parcel of the Pilot Butte campus for the Regina Bypass Project.

In response to the recommendations of an enterprise project steering committee, both AGMS approved the amalgamation of Ranch Ehrlo Society, Ehrlo Child and Family Foundation, and RES&E Holding Corporation. The current directors and officers will continue in their positions until the effective date of the amalgamation. The members also agreed that the amalgamated entity would adopt the Ranch Ehrlo Society bylaws, with minor amendments.

On Sept. 28th, the Ranch Ehrlo Society board of directors, staff, and members of the general public gathered at the Queensbury Convention Centre for the agency’s 50th Annual General Meeting.


Richard Hazel at Ranch Ehrlo AGM

CEO/president Andrea Brittin highlighted the work that has been done by Ranch Ehrlo Society to ensure that we continue to align with our new strategic plan. She discussed the expansion of the Family Programs (addition of 15 families being served) and the anticipated growth in the Treatment Foster Care program as an extension of the community programs we already offer.

Lori Mann, vice-president of finance and administration, gave a summary of Ranch Ehrlo’s audited financial statements, but noted that the most important numbers for the agency could be found not in the finances but in the outcomes for the clients we serve. The membership approved the proposed amalgamation agreement that was circulated earlier with the notice of the annual meeting.

Exiting board members Karen Bright and Al Fraser were thanked for their contributions; while new members Dr. Jaime Lavallee and Gwen Kennedy were welcomed.


Andrea Brittin, Al Fraser, and Debbie McKague


Andrea Brittin, Karen Bright, and Debbie McKague