New Outcomes Report released

New Outcomes Report released

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At Ranch Ehrlo, we strive to help each of our clients live their best possible life by reaching their full potential – but how do we know if we’re succeeding? We get feedback in many ways: seeing our clients progress while they are in our care, or hearing from them or their families how well they’re doing once they’ve returned home, for example. But perhaps the truest measure of success comes from hard and fast statistics and studies – numbers don’t lie, after all. This is where our yearly Outcomes Report comes in.

Each year, we remain accountable to referring agencies, parents, and the communities we work with by providing this report. The statistics, anecdotes, and data within this document look at nearly every aspect of our agency from the past year and show you both where we have succeeded and where we could use improvement – because recognizing our weaknesses only allows us to improve upon them year after year.

The full report is available here.

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Buckland celebrates 20 years

Buckland celebrates 20 years

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Rain and cool weather couldn’t dampen the spirit of youth, staff, and community members that came out to Buckland campus on September 19th to celebrate the program’s 20th anniversary.

“It’s the one day this whole summer that we had rain,” joked Kevin Mugford, director of the northern program.

equine assisted learning

Community members taking part in an equine assisted learning demo

The celebration kicked off with organized tours of the campus and a demonstration of equine assisted learning. The program is exclusive to the Buckland campus and popular with youth and staff across the province.

“Buckland campus has always had horses,” explained Amanda Snell, equine program leader. “We have been building this program for the last 10 years. It is a really exciting program and we wanted to showcase the benefits for the youth.”

cake cutting

Cutting the cake (l to r), Andrea Brittin, Ingrid Sinoski, Kevin Mugford, and Malcolm Neill

The formal anniversary program kicked off with a welcome from Kevin, who also thanked the original Buckland landowners – the Robinson family, and greetings from Andrea Brittin the Ranch Ehrlo CEO.

“Someone had the vision and foresight to take this piece of land and developed what you see here today which is an amazing campus that is doing amazing things,” Andrea stated.

Malcolm Neill, vice-president of residential services, gave the crowd a history lesson. He discussed how plans were in the works since the 80’s to create a campus in the north.

“At that time the board of directors and the leadership of the Ranch realized that the best way to help young people was to help them stay connected and close to their home communities,” he explained.

All eyes and ears were focused on Sara*, a current youth, who shared her story about living at the Ranch and how she credits the staff for where she is today.

“Thank you so much for all the time, energy, and support. I’m sure that I’m just one of the many people that you have helped. I truly believe I would not be here today without all of your work.”

The last person to speak was one of the longest serving, current employee in Prince Albert, housemother Ingrid Sinoski. Ingrid was emotional giving her speech and was supported by a youth in her program. She talked about the start of her career in 2001 and the changes in staff and programing she had seen along the way. Over the years, three generations of her family have also worked alongside her in the agency.

“A lot of staff have come and gone. One thing that has always remained the same is the care given to the youth,” she concluded.

A round dance and barbeque wrapped up the celebration.

*Name changed

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You are invited

You are invited

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You are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of Ranch Ehrlo Society.

When: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Time: 11:30 a.m. (lunch), 12:15 p.m. meeting

Location: Executive Royal Hotel, Regina

Special guest: Jack Holden, from Cornell University, discussing trends in residential treatment

This is a great opportunity to meet the board of directors, enjoy a great lunch, and learn about the future directions of our agency.

Please RSVP to Shelley Wright at 306-781-1800 before September 20th.

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2nd annual powwow a success

2nd annual powwow a success

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For the second year running, Ranch Ehrlo Society’s Pilot Butte campus was temporarily transformed into a powwow grounds as we celebrated changing lives with the help of our community partners.

Several dancers were in attendance for the competitive style powwow, which featured dancers in from Tiny Tot (ages 3- 5) to Golden Age (65+) in many categories (jingle, fancy, traditional, and chicken to name a few) with dozens of spectators.

“We are so incredibly excited to have all of you here,” said Ranch CEO Andrea Brittin in her opening remarks. “A powwow is a First Nations tradition. It is a fun event, it is a social event, and is a sacred event, and we are so incredibly proud at Ranch Ehrlo to be hosting our 2nd annual powwow.”

Special guests included Regina Police Service chief Evan Bray, deputy chief Dean Ray, and Cst. Dale McArthur, Saskatchewan Child Advocate Corey O’Soup, and representatives from Child and Family Services.

“Today is another great day full of culture, spirit, and friendships,” said Chief Bray. “Our role being here is to continue to foster those friendships and relationships we have, and make some new ones as well.”

The family carnival, which featured ten old-fashioned carnival games such as ring toss and can knock-down, was a popular spot for the younger crowd, who received tickets to redeem for a wide assortment of prizes at the end of the day. The bingo area remained full all day as well, running continuous games from 2 to 4 p.m.

Casion Regina volunteers

Special thanks to elder Archie Weenie, arena director Teddy Bison, announcer Howie Thompson, host drum Cree Society, the planning committee, our sponsors, and all our volunteers, for making our event so successful!

kids dancingSee you next year!

Event sponsors

Signature Printit Centres ISC  Welldone

Drummer/dancer sponsors


Canteen sponsors

Family carnival sponsors


Brienza Business Ventures

Supremem basics
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Community connections embraced at Buckland

Community connections embraced at Buckland

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Ranch Ehrlo has a strong presence in the community of Prince Albert, where we have one group home within the city limits and a campus a few kilometres out.


youth participating in 4H

Our clients have helped at various events on a volunteer basis. Through relationships with organizations such as Kiwanis and Optimist Clubs of Prince Albert, we hold an annual Youth Activity Fair showcasing all the recreational opportunities available in the city. We also operate a community sports program similar to Regina’s Ehrlo Sport Venture.

But it wasn’t always that way.

“When I started as director in 2012, the Ranch seemed to have more of an internal mindset. We were happy doing a good job and going about our business and supporting kids and families; but my background was to advertise that good work to the community,” explained current director of programs north, Kevin Mugford.


youth volunteering at Relay For Life

With several years as an educator in northern Saskatchewan under his belt when he started at the agency, Kevin brought a different mindset to the campus that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

“I had hoped that (by reaching out to the community) it would lead to positive connections for us. We would advertise our good work to attract people from Prince Albert to work at the Ranch,” Kevin explained.

One doesn’t need to look far to see that Kevin’s change in mindset has certainly paid off. The Youth Activity Fair has grown exponentially in its five years, the Outdoor Hockey League portion of the community sports program expanded last year to include youth from neighbouring Wahpeton First Nation, and Kevin fields phone calls on a regular basis asking if his youth would be available to volunteer at community events. But he is quick to give credit where credit is due.


Youth Activity Fair

“I’m so proud of our collective Ranch staff and how they’ve embraced connecting with the community. Some of my connections have contributed to that work but it’s the work of our staff members that made a difference,” he said.

“I think the word is out in Prince Albert that Ranch Ehrlo has good people, we’re grooming positive citizens, and we want to contribute to the community.”


Buckland campus will be celebrating 20 years of going forward with pride in northern Saskatchewan, and want you to join us. On September 19th from 3 – 5 p.m. you are invited to a barbeque at the campus!

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