Families receive Christmas donations

Families receive Christmas donations

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Christmas can be a difficult time for some families.

Many of the families in Ranch Ehrlo’s Family Treatment Programs (FTP) struggle with poverty, which can lead to disappointment and unmet hopes for children and stress and struggles for parents.

“Poverty lends to challenges in having Christmas gifts, or food during the holiday season,” explained FTP director Patti Petrucka. “There is much worry about being able to buy your child a gift to open on Christmas morning.”

But the families in the programs are getting a hand up thanks to some generous local businesses this Christmas.

BASF Agriculture has once again chosen the family program to be the recipient of gifts and the proceeds from a raffle held at their annual Christmas party, slated for December 15th. Patti, along with program manager Sharon Miller, will be attending the party to accept the donation and say a few words.

“We feel so grateful that BASF Agriculture has chosen our families for this generous donation,” Patti said.

School age students are also getting in on the giving. Students from Megaw’s Montessori Academy will be donating toys to the children in the FTP and Intensive Family Preservation Service (IFPS). Each year, students typically raise $400 to $500 for a charitable cause within the city and this year chose the family programs as their recipients. Pilot Butte School’s grade 7/8 class raised over $600 selling candy canes and hot chocolate over the course of a week and presented the cheque to FTP manager Jordan Hubick on December 10th.

The FTP currently has 87 children, while the IFPS has 20, all of whom will benefit from these generous donations.

The program also received a generous donation of handmade winter wear from an anonymous donor to keep families warm in the chilly weather!

Finally, families will also have the opportunity to get photos with Santa at no cost thanks to local photographer Daryl Fraess of Just Us Dogs Pet Care. Daryl will be attending the program Christmas party to take photos for the second year in a row. He develops the photos at no charge for the families, so they can have a keepsake to mark this special time of year.

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Stay in School Award

Stay in School Award

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Over the past ten years, hundreds of Ranch youth have received the Stay in School Award in recognition of their educational achievements.

The award is an annual grant received from the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada through the Scotiabank Stay in School Program. The program, introduce to Ranch students in 2008, was established to recognize students who are doing exceptionally well in school given their difficult personal circumstances. This year, Ranch Ehrlo received $22,000 to help encourage students to stay and succeed in the classroom.

Ranch students are eligible for the award each semester. Students are reviewed and nominated by criteria including: overcoming significant academic challenges; demonstrating academic excellence, participating in extra curricular activities, and having overcome a particularly challenging experience.

“Many of the youth who come to the Ranch have experienced difficulties in school. The fact that they are attending every day and that they are working towards their goal is very impressive,” explained Corinna Hayden-Fidler, vice-president of education at Ranch Ehrlo. “This award is extra motivation for the youth to exceed their goals, to be involved in school sports and activities, as well as move forward in their education plan.”

She added, “The students love receiving this award! They talk about it often in class.”

Last year 214 kids received the Stay in School Award. The award is also intended to encourage students to complete their high school education. Grade 12 graduates receive an additional $300 grant.

“On behalf of all the students who have received awards in the last ten years, we are very appreciative of the support provided by the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. Without their support we wouldn’t be able to provide the students with this additional incentive to do well in school,” Corinna finished.

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Youth group receives grant

Youth group receives grant

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Ehrlo Counselling Service’s True Colours youth group has received a $5,000 grant from the Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation.

Founded in 2015, the group allows youth ages 11 to 16 a safe space to discuss topics or raise questions related to sexual orientation or gender identity. It is open to youth who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, or are Questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity (LGBTQQ) as well as their straight allies.

“We want to help reduce the shame and stigma and fear around identifying as somewhere on the LGBTQQ scale,” explained group founder Sherry Rapley, who is also a psychologist at Ehrlo Counselling.

The group plans to use the grant to rent a space to hold meetings, as well as purchasing resources, books and supplies. They will also use it for honorariums to bring in speakers. True Colours is open to youth from Ranch Ehrlo Society, as well as the community, so part of the grant will also go toward advertising so more young people within the city can learn about the group.

“We are so very thankful for this grant from the Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation and the benefit it will provide to the youth attending this group,” said Ehrlo Counselling director Natashia Schoenroth.

The Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation was established in 1962 with the objective of furthering the religious, educational, and cultural life of Regina and the province of Saskatchewan.

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Basketball program a slam dunk

Basketball program a slam dunk

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Two years ago, Buckland area multiple program worker Victor Wojcichowsky had an idea. He wanted to create a free basketball program for youth in the community of Prince Albert.

“I brought it up with Kevin (Mugford, director of residential treatment) when I first started here. I realized there wasn’t really a basketball program for the youth, and it’s something I always wanted growing up,” he explained.

With that, the community sports program was born.

In its first year, attendance at the once-weekly program, which is open and free to all youth in the Prince Albert area, was hit and miss. But over the last two years, Victor has built relationships with the youth who attend the program and attendance has exploded.

“Kids from last year have come back and have recruited their friends as well,” he explained.

“When I see them outside of the program, they say things like, ‘oh, hey, it’s coach Vic! See you next Tuesday!’” he said.

Victor has witnessed youth using basketball as a way to keep themselves entertained during lunch hours and breaks at school. He has seen participants grow in other ways as well, from a lessening shyness to becoming more focused.

“One little girl was upset that she couldn’t play basketball in gym class because she really wanted to practice – so I can definitely see the positive effect of it, already.”

Parents, too, are pleased with the program. Often, when picking up or dropping off their children they will come in to thank Victor and shake his hand.

“For me, basketball was a sport that I thrived at. It was my outlet,” Victor said of his reasons for starting the program.

“It’s pretty cool – it’s something I didn’t really expect to explode the way it has.”

The program runs on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. at Parkland Hall in Prince Albert. Bottled water and a snack are provided for the participants. The general age limit is 8 – 12, but Victor is willing to accept older participants as well.

“For the older kids, maybe they could even be an idol for the younger ones,” he suggested. “That’s what I would’ve done.”


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Art and outreach

Art and outreach

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JulieGuest blog submitted by Julie Francella

As a caseworker and clinical intake coordinator at Ranch Ehrlo, helping people is important to me. What you may not be aware of is the ways I do that both inside and outside of my job at the agency.

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