Brrr – it’s cold outside!

Brrr – it’s cold outside!

Posted by on Feb 14, 2017 in Our blog |

cheyenneIt’s winter in Saskatchewan, which is pretty much synonymous with “cold”. But even though we’ve come to expect it, it doesn’t stop us from griping as we’re getting dressed to head out in the morning. You know the drill: shirt, sweater, tights, pants, socks, second pair of socks (grumble), jacket (sigh), scarf (ugh), mittens (blech), ear muffs (hmmmph).

Would you believe that not everyone has that opinion of the cold? We have plenty of examples right here in our organization of people who don’t let a little cold get in the way of having a whole lot of fun! They’re a bit like Elsa from that really well known kids’ movie, Frozen – she’s kind of famous for loudly declaring “the cold never bothered me anyway!”

The OHL is the most popular league operated by Ehrlo Sport Venture. Practices are only cancelled if the weather is colder than -30. But even in that weather, there are some kids who seemingly just don’t feel the cold and want to play anyway! The North Central rink opens its warm-up shack even when official practice has been cancelled, and you better believe kids still show up to skate. On slightly milder days, the Sport Venture Library lends out a ton of snow shoes and cross country skis.

Our annual Winterfest is looked forward to by kids and adults alike. Every February, youth and staff spend a whole day outside doing winter-themed activities like snowshoe races, log cutting, and fire building. It can get pretty cold (I’m serious, last year at Buckland’s event it was -25 without the wind chill… Meanwhile Pilot Butte’s was cancelled because of mud – go figure!) — but they definitely don’t let it spoil their fun!

So maybe those of us who grouse and gripe the entire time we’re getting ready to head out into the cold are just looking at it in the wrong way. Maybe we need to stop grumbling and start thinking about all the activities that are only available when the mercury takes a dive below 0.

Or maybe we just need more layers.