Volunteers needed for a new league

Volunteers needed for a new league

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Take me out to the ball game!

volunteers neededEhrlo Sport Venture is excited to announce the beginning of a new league, offering free-of-charge baseball to children and youth.

The league was made possible through a partnership with the Toronto Blue Jays’ Jays Care Foundation, a charitable organization whose mission is to use baseball to teach life skills and create lasting social change for children and youth in marginalized communities across Canada.

“This is an amazing opportunity for Sport Venture. Our mission and vision aligns closely with that of the Jays Care Foundation, and working with them gives us an opportunity to reach even more children and youth throughout our community with a brand-new league,” said Amanda McConnell, Sport Venture manager.

But we need your help, too! Like all our leagues, the Ehrlo Baseball Rookie League will be coached by volunteers. If you have a passion for baseball, helping children and youth, or both – we want you! We’re looking for 12 volunteers to fill out our coaching roster. Volunteer orientation will be May 13 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at 306-751-2411 or email: sportventure@ranchehrlo.ca.

The season is scheduled to begin May 29th. Practices will run Tuesdays and Thursdays until July 19th.

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Buckland campus begins powwow club

Buckland campus begins powwow club

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The Ranch’s Buckland campus has recently followed our southern program’s footsteps and established a powwow group for youth.

Buckland’s group is led by Matheson House youth care worker Ryanda Thunderchild and runs every second Sunday from 6 to 7 p.m. There are six youth who attend regularly, but the group is open to any youth attending at any time; regular participation is not necessary.

“This is my first time doing something like this, and I’m learning a lot,” Ryanda said. “The improvement in these kids – some of whom have never danced before – is amazing!”

Ryanda, who has been involved in powwows most her life, believes a powwow club is about a lot more than the act of dancing.

“This group is important because it gives the youth an opportunity to learn more about their culture if they want to. Dancing powwow is not just about dancing – it’s also teaching the youth to have respect for themselves and the outfits they put on. It teaches them mindfulness, and shows them they can have fun in a sober way,” she said.

group practicing

group practicing

The group began in November but Ryanda already sees differences in the youth who regularly attend. She believes powwow dancing can have a healing effect.

“The kids have more confidence. They talk about how much fun they’re having and express pride in themselves,” she said. “Sometimes kids will come in upset, but at the end of the evening they feel better and sometime forget what they were upset about.”

“The group is at the beginner stages, but Ryanda is very committed and doing a great job,” said Kevin Mugford, director of residential treatment.

Ryanda is pleased to be able to share something that means so much to her with the youth she works with.

“The fact that I get to share this part of myself with the kids feels good. I hope what I teach them carries on.”

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Ranch Ehrlo to present Umind webinar

Ranch Ehrlo to present Umind webinar

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Ranch Ehrlo is pleased to have been asked to participate in Umind’s free webinar series, “The Power Of…”

The four-part series focuses on complementary services for treating mental health issues in youth – something that we at Ranch Ehrlo know a thing or two about!

“Umind is a national resource to connect professionals working in children’s mental health, and I believe Ranch Ehrlo’s holistic approach to care is unique and really effective. So, the opportunity to present on the impressive work that our super dedicated employees do every day with our youth is welcomed and should be shared,” said Bree Fiissel, vice-president of clinical services.

Four Ranch employees will take part in the webinar scheduled for May 19th, speaking on how we incorporate animals, nature, and sports into our work with children and youth.

Ehrlo Sport Venture’s Amanda McConnell will talk about the power of sport; Amanda Snell is scheduled to discuss the Ranch’s Equine Assisted Learning program in a segment about the power of animals; and Buckland director of residential services Kevin Mugford will be joined by unit manager Brittany Acorn on the topic of the power of nature. Kevin and Brittany will talk about the Ranch’s therapeutic camping program, including describing the process of creating a successful trip from start to finish.

“We are looking forward to contributing to this great resource and connecting with so many other professionals at a national level,” Bree said.

Umind is an online resource for mental health professionals to access information and share practical tools, knowledge, and training, and to help improve the lives of children and youth and their families living with mental health issues.

You can register to attend the webinar from wherever you are at Umind’s website.






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You are invited: annual powwow

You are invited: annual powwow

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PowwowA powwow is a celebration of life! Join us as we celebrate the lives changed by Ranch Ehrlo Society at our third annual powwow on August 3oth.

Once again, our powwow will be competitive style – cash prizes will be given out to the top dancers in each age group/dance category. We will also be hosting a family style carnival, and will be providing a hamburger supper free of charge. (A canteen will be available throughout the day, and popcorn and snow cone stations will be available to round out the selection.)


Thank you to our sponsors

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, check out our sponsor package or contact Trudy Bosch.

Event sponsors

Signature Printit Centres  SGI  Welldone    Beyond wealth management

Drummer/dancer sponsors


Canteen sponsors


Family carnival sponsors


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Mentorship program fills gaps

Mentorship program fills gaps

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Ehrlo Sport Venture’s newest program has officially launched.

The mentorship program, born of a partnership between Ehrlo Sport Venture and The Regina Intersectoral Partnership (TRiP) pairs youth identified by TRiP as most in need of mentorship with a caring adult mentor provided by Sport Venture. The program kicked off just over a month ago and has been going full force ever since. To date, there are five mentors working with nine children and youth from the TRiP program.

“Mentorship for young people experiencing difficulty is a gap identified in many initiatives in our community,” said Lance Dudar, TRiP coordinator. “This program is providing a much-needed service to TRiP and the families we are involved with.”

“So far, the program has been meeting and exceeding all our expectations,” said Sport Venture manager Amanda McConnell. “The feedback from the first month has been tremendous! The mentors and the kids they have been paired with have all connected really well; the reports we’ve been getting have really showcased the impact that mentorship and this program have had, even in a short period of time.”

Mentors have been working with their mentees on things like self-esteem, cooperation, and social skills. They have reached out to other mentor/mentee pairings in the program, forming friendships and working on skills in a relationship-based setting.

“The program is so much more than just going to do a fun activity for a couple hours a week. The learning and mentorship that goes on during their time together plays an important role in the development of self-determination and pro-social skills building in the young people we are working with,” Amanda said.

While it is meant to be more than fun – it is fun!

“The kids have been reporting back on all the fun they’ve been having and how they look forward to their weekly time with their mentor,” Amanda continued. “Some of the activities they have done, the kids hadn’t done it in years, and some are brand new experiences or something they have always wanted to do!”


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Family Based Treatment Home Q&A

Family Based Treatment Home Q&A

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You may have heard that we have recently expanded our Treatment Foster Care services. We now offer Emergency Foster Care, as well as a Family Based Treatment Home program (FBTH).

But what exactly is a Family Based Treatment Home? We sat down with director David Rivers to find out more about this exciting new program.

Question: In your own words, describe the program.
FBTH is a type of treatment foster home supported by in-home child and youth care workers. At Ranch Ehrlo, they have been referred to as “parented group homes.”

I started working as a childcare worker at Bosco Homes in a small group home that had two live-in house parents and a few childcare workers. It had a real family feel to it, but had more adult support and attention present for the children. Our FTBH’s will have a similar structure.

The FBTH’s we are considering will be home to four children aged 5 to 11 who need support with behavioural, emotional, and developmental challenges. Ranch Ehrlo will provide the house and vehicle, and contract the services of foster parents just as we do in our current program. We will also look after compensation for the child and youth care workers who will support the care and nurturing provided by the foster parents.

Question: Why was the program created? What need is it filling?
There is an increasing number of young children being referred to Ranch Ehrlo who do not need to live in a group home, but who cannot be safely cared for in a standard foster home. A family-based home is the balance between the two types of service approaches.

The whole idea of the FBTH is to give children ages six to 11 an opportunity to live in the most nurturing, supportive, family-based environment possible.

Question: What are you looking for in a staff (family) for the program?
Two adults without young children or with teenagers would likely be an ideal fit, but we are open to talking with anyone interested in our approach.

Some things for potential families to know:

  • This is typically a full-time job (which means not working outside the home) for one of the parents, though they could share, as long as one parent is always available for children in the program.
  • The most important qualification is a nurturing, caring disposition with a strong commitment to serve others. A background in human services and/or education would be an asset, but all foster parents will receive extensive training and support including PRIDE, CARE, and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.
  • We plan to provide a five or six bedroom home or vehicle, but are open to talking to interested parents who may have other ideas, such as staying in their own homes.
  • We are looking to start with a family in the Regina area, but will eventually be looking for families in the Saskatoon and Prince Albert areas as well.

Question: How are families compensated?
We will apply the same “professionalized foster care” approach to the FBTH that we currently use in our other treatment foster care homes; families are helped with the legal and insurance processes for becoming incorporated businesses so that we are able to contract them to provide foster care services.

Question: Tell us a little more about the services and supports that Ranch Ehrlo will provide families in this program.
Foster parenting is wonderful, but it doesn’t involve “normal” or “traditional” working hours. Foster parenting is a way of life, but there is still time and opportunity for foster parents to re-energize and focus on themselves. All FTBH foster families are provided with 24/7 on call support, up to 18 days per year of respite care so they can vacation or take time away, and a range of clinical, residential, educational, and recreational supports.

If interested individuals have any other questions, who should they contact?
They can myself at david.rivers@ranchehrlo.ca or apply here.

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