Family programs striving to be inclusive

Family programs striving to be inclusive

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If you visit Ranch Ehrlo Society’s family programs office, you’ll probably feel very welcomed.

There are a few reasons for that – the first is that the front desk has a friendly receptionist ready to direct you to wherever you need to go. The second is that she sits in front of a unique feature.

The “welcome wall” displays the word “welcome” in 30 languages, ranging from Cree to German and nearly everything in between.

The idea for the wall came after family programs director Patti Petrucka attended a conference on building family support in Washington, D.C.

“One of the questions asked at the conference was, ‘how can you be sure that you’re being fully inclusive?’ They talked about your literature being in different languages to make sure you’re representative of who you serve,” Patti explained.

“So it was from that concept where I thought, ‘we need a wall that says welcome in different languages, because in my programs I also work with newcomers to Canada. And what a wonderful thing, to come into a space and see in your own language, ‘welcome’.”

The response to the wall has been overwhelmingly positive, Patti said.

“People love it. It’s been a hit with our referring workers, with our families, and with our staff.”

The Family Treatment Program and Intensive Family Preservation Service, which make up the family programs, strive to include their families in other ways as well – they even had a hand in the design of the new office space.

“Before we signed the lease for this office space, we brought families here and we asked their opinion on how we could make it family friendly,” Patti explained.  “We wanted to minimize the space feeling like an office.”

“We’re trying so hard to be more and more family inclusive, and to get families involved in all aspects of the program, because that’s who we serve. They know what they need or what they want,” Patti concluded.


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Corman Park celebrates a milestone

Corman Park celebrates a milestone

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A lot can happen in a decade. In the case of our Corman Park campus, a lot of youth have come and gone and a lot of lives have been changed since opening day in 2007.

Staff, youth, and community members gathered to celebrate the campus’ 10-year anniversary on October 13th with a barbeque.

“The celebration was small but joyful,” said Dionne Baergen, director of residential services.

speech at Corman Park campus

Speech during the event

“To commemorate the special occasion, the young people worked along side Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming to create a Corman Park flag – we are really proud of the effort and insight shown by our youth,” she continued. “But none of this would be possible without the dedication and hard work of our staff – we have a really special group of people working at Corman Park who consistently demonstrate their passion and commitment to helping create positive changes in the lives of young people.”

Like our Buckland campus, Corman Park was created to have a treatment centre closer to home for our northern clients. May House, for example, is primarily an intake unit, but long-term residents are often transferred from our southern campus to be closer to their family living in the north.

The Corman Park campus covers 70 acres and features two residential units (May House and Welke House); the Ellen Gunn Education Centre; the Tim Young Administration Building; an outdoor hockey rink, and a basketball court. It is located approximately 10 kilometres north of Saskatoon, and one kilometre east of Martensville.


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Counselling partnership

Counselling partnership

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Ehrlo Counselling has recently formed a partnership with the Autism Resource Centre (ARC) that will see Ehrlo Counselling employees fill gaps in ARC’s client access to mental health services, as well as help support parents of ARC clients through psychoeducation sessions based on mental health issues that they or their children may be coping with.

The agreement was initiated by ARC, who received a grant to develop and facilitate a program aimed at helping their members address mental health issues through a variety of modalities, including counselling services.

“We were noticing that our young adults were coming to us with a variety of mental health needs, and we were unable to support them in ways they were requiring,” explained Chanda Winter, ARC program director.

Ehrlo Counselling clinical manager Janet Miller stated, “Part of our mission is to help fill in some of these gaps, and help provide services to folks who need them but may face barriers to getting them.”

Some of the barriers faced by ARC clientele could be around lack of transportation to appointments, anxiety about being in an unfamiliar area, or seeing a clinician who may not have experience with clients on the spectrum.

By having a counsellor come directly to the Centre, some of these issues are mitigated. As such, Ehrlo Counselling contract clinician Cheryl Hymus-Fraser, who has experience working with autistic clients, will go to ARC for six hours every two weeks to provide on-site counselling services for their clients.

Additionally, Ehrlo’s Dave Wiebe will be providing psychoeducation sessions to parents of ARC clientele at their monthly support meetings. Dave will talk about mental health issues faced by ARC clientele and those issues that may be more specific to parents of children with autism. Topics may include such things as grief, anxiety, depression, or addictions.

“We at ARC are very excited for this partnership and opportunity for our young adults and their families,” Chanda said.

The initiative is currently slated to run from October 16 to June 1, 2018.

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Reminiscing with Susan

Reminiscing with Susan

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2017 marks the Outdoor Hockey League’s (OHL) 25th year of operation and the 20th anniversary of the Ehrlo Sport Library. Sport Venture’s most popular and well-known league has grown exponentially since it began, with over 200 youth participating in the 2016-17 season.

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2017 AGM highlights

2017 AGM highlights

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On Sept. 27th, Ranch Ehrlo Society board of directors, staff, and members of the general public gathered at the Executive Royal Hotel in Regina for the Annual General Meeting.

The meeting was called to order by outgoing board chair Debbie McKague. After welcoming everyone, she gave the board chair report, highlights of which included the approval of a multi-year capital plan – a result of a surplus that will be reinvested into programs and facilities, in particular the planned enhancements to the Hudson Building at Pilot Butte campus; a mention of this year’s focus on safety throughout the agency; and the amalgamation of Ranch Ehrlo Society, RES&E Holding Corporation, and Ehrlo Child and Family Services. Debbie took the opportunity to thank the board, CEO and president Andrea Brittin, and the rest of the Ranch Ehrlo executive, and to welcome incoming chair Laurel Garven before concluding her report.

“We’ve had a very busy, very productive, and very successful year,” said Andrea Brittin by way of beginning her CEO report.

Highlights of her message included the expansion of the Family Treatment and Treatment Foster Care programs, the creation of a day-student program for autistic students in Corman Park, the successful roll out of our new compensation framework, and an introduction to the CARE (Children and Residential Experiences: Creating Conditions for Change) model that the agency is currently working to implement.


Jack speaking

Fittingly, this year’s keynote speakers were CARE support team members Jack Holden and Anton Smith, who presented on trends in residential treatment in North America. The two explained the CARE model in more detail and touched on why it works so well.

Vice president of finance and administration Lori Mann presented a review of the agency’s financial statements, noting that the agency is in a “very stable financial position.”  As always, Lori concluded with “the most important numbers for the agency” – statistics from our annual outcomes report which cite important successes such as our clients’ high satisfaction rates with our services.


Anton presenting

“We have reason to be proud of the work that we do,” she said.


Andrea Brittin, Mark Guillet, and Debbie McKague


Andrea Brittin, Cyril Kesten, and Debbie McKague

As a wrap-up, exiting board members Mark Guillet and Dr. Cyril Kesten were thanked for their contributions, while new members Hiedi Person and Dr. Louise Greenberg were welcomed to their positions.

Click here to read the full Annual report.


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New Outcomes Report released

New Outcomes Report released

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At Ranch Ehrlo, we strive to help each of our clients live their best possible life by reaching their full potential – but how do we know if we’re succeeding? We get feedback in many ways: seeing our clients progress while they are in our care, or hearing from them or their families how well they’re doing once they’ve returned home, for example. But perhaps the truest measure of success comes from hard and fast statistics and studies – numbers don’t lie, after all. This is where our yearly Outcomes Report comes in.

Each year, we remain accountable to referring agencies, parents, and the communities we work with by providing this report. The statistics, anecdotes, and data within this document look at nearly every aspect of our agency from the past year and show you both where we have succeeded and where we could use improvement – because recognizing our weaknesses only allows us to improve upon them year after year.

The full report is available here.

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