Family workshop brings out CARE principles

Family workshop brings out CARE principles

Posted by on Jun 25, 2018 in Whats-new |

Ensuring treatment remains family centered was top of mind for caseworker Angela Montano when she planned a workshop for the families of MacKay House youth.

“In terms of CARE principles, one of them is ensuring treatment is family centered, so we’ve been really trying to bring in the families and involve them in treatment as much as possible,” Angela explained.

“It reminds them that they are an important part of their child’s treatment,” she continued.

The agency has recently begun implementing the CARE (Children And Residential Experiences: Creating Conditions for Change), residential program model developed by Cornell University to our existing framework to improve our services for clients.

The workshop, held June 12th, was an opportunity for parents to come together to learn more about their child’s treatment, including learning about the CARE model and how it impacts the way staff work with youth.

“Bringing parents together like this also provides them an opportunity to realize that they aren’t alone – there are other parents who are struggling with these issues as well,” Angela added. “But it’s also a very practical way of providing information to all the parents at one time.”

“It’s important to build a sense of community with the parents, as well as providing them with important information in regard to their children’s treatment. I think it also reminds them they are an important member of their child’s treatment.”

The day also included a presentation on attachment which provided an opportunity for parents to learn more about improving their relationships with their children both now and in the future.

In keeping with CARE principles, employees from the Ministry of Social Services were also included in the afternoon, ensuring that everyone involved in each client’s treatment remains on the same page and working toward the common good of each youth.

Families who attended the day had positive feedback for Angela, with one parent stating, “The information was great and so helpful.”

MacKay House’s last family workshop was held in December 2016, but Angela hopes to make them an annual or semi-annual event.