Our staff … superheroes?

Our staff … superheroes?

Posted by on May 5, 2018 in Our blog |

Trudy BoschThe world is a dangerous place and sometimes there’s a need for superheroes. Here at Ranch Ehrlo we like to think of our staff as individuals who can fill that role.

No, they don’t have super strength, the ability to fly, or fight crime (well some do but that’s a different blog) but they have compassion, knowledge, and the super ability of helping clients to become the best possible versions of themselves.

While we believe that all 800+ of our staff are amazing, we wanted to shine a spot light on our residential directors. These seven individuals oversee our residential programs across the province. They make sure that every child, youth, and adult that comes into out program has the best experience possible.

They also oversee the staff that make up the program and insure that they have the expertise required for the success of our services. And they do all of this without a cape.

To recognize their dedication over the years, we are using this blog to imagine them as official superheroes!