Photos with no faces

Photos with no faces

Posted by on Apr 28, 2017 in Our blog |

Trudy BoschYou might have noticed that on this site we don’t often show photos of our clients. You will see the same thing in our brochures, annual reports, and newsletters – stories about our clients but no accompanying pics.

The reason isn’t lack of photos, or that our clients are vampires whose reflections don’t show up in mirrors or camera lenses. We are simply respecting their right to privacy (unless they want their images shown, and if under 18 have guardian consent, then we are happy to use their image!)

Even though we can’t show their faces, we still want to show all the awesome things that they are accomplishing and all the new experiences they are trying. So how do we do that?

Well, we use a lot of photos showing the backs of heads, sides of heads, feet, youth at a distance – we can get pretty creative in the ways we snap our photos! In some cases we buy stock photos.

Maybe this seems familiar? As you can tell, you don’t always need to see someone’s face to know they’re having a great time!

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