Ranch CEO awarded Safety Centered Leadership Award

Ranch CEO awarded Safety Centered Leadership Award

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Andrea Brittin and George Marshall, CEO of SHSA

Andrea Brittin and George Marshall, is CEO of the SHSA

We are proud to announce that Ranch Ehrlo CEO and president Andrea Brittin has been awarded the 2016 Safety Centered Leadership Award from the Saskatchewan Health and Safety Association (SHSA).

This award is the highest honour bestowed by the SHSA and is given to individuals, who, through their leadership, have made an impact on the safety culture in Saskatchewan.

At the end of 2015, Andrea – and the rest of the agency – committed to making Ranch Ehrlo Society a safer place to work. The agency has been working diligently with the SHSA to do so.

Since the enhanced focus on safety began, we have reduced our total injuries by an impressive 25 per cent. More serious, time-loss injuries have been reduced by over 50 per cent.

“For an agency your size, this is a phenomenal improvement,” said George Marshall, SHSA CEO.

“Making progress on reducing injuries in the workplace cannot be done by one person alone. It takes everyone talking, thinking and being vigilant about safety,” Andrea said. “So I share this award with everyone at Ranch Ehrlo Society – all 800 plus staff!”

Andrea accepting the reward

Andrea accepting the reward

“At the end of the day, our goal is improved safety for all our staff and we know that our increased focus on safety is paying off! We also know that we are not done, and the only right number of workplace related injuries is ZERO,” Andrea concluded.

She received her award on March 28th at the SHSA Executive Symposium in Saskatoon.