There’s your sign

There’s your sign

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cheyenneIn each of our group homes, there are signs everywhere! Some have obvious purposes, like establishing a routine or explaining the rights and responsibilities of everyone who lives there, some are there to inspire and uplift our clients as they work toward their goals, and some are there to make our houses feel more like home.

This is Dalla-Vincenza House’s mandate, and a reminder to everyone who lives there, the importance of keeping families involved in care.
Matheson House’s mandate is a little different, but serves to remind the youth the importance of practicing seven virtues as they heal.
Spreading positivity with gentle reminders!
When they see this sign, clients in the Program for Persons with Developmental Disabilities know that chicken will be served for supper.
A reminder for clients in the Program for Persons with Developmental Disabilities what is appropriate behaviour around the people they will see throughout their daily routine!
Each youth has rights, but they also have responsibilities! These signs clearly lay out both, as well as encouraging youth to take an active role in their treatment.
Clients at Dalla-Vincenza leave their mark – literally! The tree is permanently painted but the snowflakes are easily changeable and are created by the youth who live there.
A little help for youth who may be job searching at Matheson House!
They all look different, but each of our houses has their routines clearly on display for the clients. Knowing what is expected of them, as well as being aware of what each day holds, is a key component in making sure each day runs smoothly.


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