What is a job coach?

What is a job coach?

Posted by on Feb 9, 2017 in Our blog |

cheyenneWe have over 800 employees at Ranch Ehrlo – that means there are a lot of different job descriptions! But the best way to learn about what someone does is to talk to them directly, so that’s just what I did with veteran Community Vocational Education Program (CVEP) job coach, Richard Blackett.

CVEP is designed to assist people with mental and/or psychological disabilities to develop and improve work skills and work attitudes. Job coaches like Richard help CVEP’s clients find and keep gainful employment. Richard’s clients in particular are those who don’t do well in traditional work or school settings. They require intensive supports, which people like Richard provide.

Specifically, Richard runs a laundry program. He takes his clients out at 9 a.m. each morning to collect laundry from daycares or other units. They bring the laundry back to the CVEP building to wash, dry, and fold before returning it back to its owner.

In the nine years he’s worked as a job coach, Richard has run the laundry program for eight. He’s been able to develop positive relationships and provide companionship for “his guys” as he fondly refers to them.

In spite of their issues, he says, most of them truly enjoy coming into work each day. In turn, he, too, enjoys coming in, knowing his clients thrive on the structure provided by the laundry program. He sees them taking ownership of the laundry program itself, taking pride in their work, and feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of a work day – all things that wouldn’t be possible without the interventions and supports provided by CVEP.

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