Employee training

Employees new to Ranch Ehrlo Society must complete training unique to their career within the organization. These training courses are designed to give new employees a positive and realistic concept of what could be or will be expected of them in their role within the agency.

Orientation training
All new employees are required to attend an employee orientation session which familiarizes participants with Ranch Ehrlo policies and procedures.

Training variety
Dependent on an employees’ job assignment, a variety of other training courses are considered mandatory or optional. Residential, clinical, education, and community program staff receive training intended to provide them with essential skills to ensure they are competent and confident in their positions. Formalized learning events, online training sessions, observation and job shadow shifts, as well as supervisor mentorship, and coaching all play a role in preparing new employees.

Mandatory training
Mandatory training includes regularly-recertified Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), up-to-date First Aid/CPR Certification, CARE (Children And Residential Experiences: Creating Conditions for Change) training, and Respectful Workplace training. Other sessions offered for designated positions or programs include:

  • Safe Food Handling
  • Therapeutic Camp training
  • Bronze Medallion Certification
  • Suicide Intervention
  • Prevention Training and Occupational Health and Safety instruction

Ranch Ehrlo Society also firmly believes that learning is life-long, so employees are actively encouraged to seek ongoing professional development and training opportunities, and if eligible, may receive financial support to attend such events.