Cognitive Disability Consultant

Published: July 11, 2018
Job Type
non-shift work
Reference number
Natashia Schoenroth @ 306-751-2466
Closing date
Sunday July 29 @ 11:59 pm


The Ranch Ehrlo Society has an exciting career opportunity.  If you are interested in pursuing your career with a nationally recognized treatment program, we are seeking a fulltime permanent Cognitive Disability Consultant to join our team in Regina, SK.

The cognitive disability consultant contributes significantly to a Provincial Cognitive Disability Strategy framework, collaborating with several community resources to provide better access, assessment and diagnosis for those with a cognitive disability.  The Cognitive Disability Consultant consults with families, case workers, and service providers that care for, support, and treat individuals with cognitive disabilities including significant behavioural and developmental challenges. The consultant also works directly with the individuals with a cognitive disability by assisting them through behavioural support planning, providing on-site consultation, and follow-up on service delivery.

Primary Job Functions include;

  1. Community Capacity Building
  2. Enhanced Consultation to Planning
  3. Behaviour Support and Consultation

The Consultant requires knowledge, skills and/or experience in the following areas:

  • Various cognitive disabilities and the specific support requirements of specific disabilities (ABI, ASD and FASD)
  • Relevant legislation, policies, and best practices (i.e. protection of personal and health information, responding to abuse, prevention of abuse, human rights and ethics and the provision of program supports)
  • Principles of case management
  • Multidisciplinary integrated case planning
  • Group facilitation, conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • Leadership and team building skills
  • Supported decision making and person-centered approaches
  • Positive behaviour support strategies (i.e. proactive strategies including ecological change, positive programming, focused support strategies, reactive strategies and ethical approaches)
  • Functional behaviour assessment
  • The development, evaluation and modification of support plans as well as the ability to train others in implementation of the support plans where required

Job Functions include:

  • Designing and conducting in-service training where appropriate as requested
  • Provide specialized training regarding support strategies to improve the knowledge and skills of family members, caregiver and service providers assisting individuals with cognitive disabilities
  • Supporting community development and capacity building through participation in regional and provincial committees
  • To work in conjunction with the CDS intake committee to identify concerns regarding gaps in individual’s support plans and may make recommendations for possible supports and services
  • Provide consultation to planning which refers to the involvement of the consultant in any of the following activities: assisting individuals/families/planning teams around person centered planning, supported decision making and behavioural support strategies
  • Promote a collaborative partnership among various levels of government, aboriginal communities, existing organizations or agencies, families and individuals themselves in addressing cognitive disabilities
  • Promote and reinforce a shared ministerial responsibility for cognitive disability and programming to ensure efficient and effective delivery of the strategy
  • Provide consultation services and/or demonstrate to caregivers through example and practice effective interventions/support strategies
  • Design behavioural support strategies and provide guidance, direction and support for program implementation and evaluation
  • Provide on-site consultation and follow up

The ideal candidate will:

  • An undergraduate degree in a related social services area from a recognized post-secondary institution is required. Related area could include but is not limited to: psychology, social science, education, or therapies.
  • Minimum of five (5) years experience in directly related health or service area working with youth, adults, and families of those with cognitive disabilities. Preference will be given to those that have experience working with a variety of agencies, service providers, and are familiar with the network of resources working with this client grouping.

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