Housing FAQs

  1. What is Affordable Housing?  Affordable Housing is a term used to describe rental  housing that is available for low to moderate income households at or below average or market rent for comparable rental housing in that community or area. Ranch Ehrlo provides affordable housing at four locations in Regina:  Washington Park Place (12 units); Lakeshore Village (44 units); McEwen Manor (40 units).
  2. Who can qualify for housing at Ranch Ehrlo properties?  At Washington Park Place, single mothers whose income is below the maximum housing income limit (see below).  At Lakeshore Village, families with dependants can qualify if they are below the housing income limit.  At McEwen Manor, singles, by referral through Phoenix Residential Society.
  3. What is the Maximum Housing Income Limit required by potential tenants to qualify? $36,500 (1 bed); $43,500 (2 bed).
  4. How do I apply for housing?  Applications can be faxed or emailed to you by calling 306-584-3313, or you can stop by the Housing office at 2910 5th Ave in Regina.
  5. How do I get on the wait list? By submitting your application, and the requested income verification.
  6. What is included in the rent? Heat, water, laundry and tenant insurance are included.
  7. Can I qualify if I am pregnant and my baby is due within a few months?  Yes
  8. Can my boyfriend live with me? Yes and no.  Washington Park Place is for single mothers only, Lakeshore Village is for families, so partners can live together, as long as both are identified on the Lease agreement.
  9. Can I share my apartment and rent with a roommate? No
  10. Can I have pets? No