Family Treatment Program

boy and motherFamily Treatment Program
The purpose of this program is to improve family safety, family functioning, and child well-being so families can remain together. The program works to either prevent the placement of children out of their home or to assist families to unite after having a child in care. Intensive in-home services are provided that assist the family in obtaining the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully reunify children to their care and include: counselling in child development, effective parenting, mood management, communication, life skills, budgeting, and how to access community resources. Children and youth will be linked to educational and childcare services as required.

 Program components:
• Full residential services for families including housing, food, and recreation.
• Family units located in Regina.
• Families are referred from various communities in Canada.
• Services to families are delivered by specially trained treatment staff.
• Length of treatment varies on family need.

“We are learning lots – how to control behaviours, temper tantrums, how to do more family activities and have fun and enjoyment,” said client Songgirl. “I learned how to not be a brick wall parent and not a jellyfish parent but to have a backbone.”

“I was tentative at first,” commented client Monti. ” But it’s good, I enjoy it. It’s helping me be a better person. My son pretty much ran the show before we came here.”

Echo Family camp 2013


Patti Petrucka, director at 306-751-2913

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