Bring back the bees

Submitted by Brooke Costley, supervisor at Wilfrid Walker EELC

This year, Ehrlo Early Learning Centre (EELC) staff and students beautified their space while helping out the environment at the same time.

This spring, the educators and children from Wilfrid Walker discussed what we should plant in our garden for the summer. As many of the children had seen the commercial, the subject of Bring Back the Bees and Cheerios came up.

wildflower with beesWe quickly researched and ordered wildflower seeds for our garden. When they came in the mail, two of the preschoolers helped get the seeds from the mailbox in the school office. The junior preschoolers planted them and then we waited for them to sprout and grow.

Over summer, the children got to observe them grow taller and taller. As they flowered, butterflies and bees came to pollinate them and the children were amazed at the bees that we hadn’t seen in our yard the past summers.

wildflowerOn September 14th, the first cool morning, the children went outside and we noticed multiple bees on each flower keeping warm.

The summer was a success at helping take part in bringing back the bees and we plan to plant flowers again next year.


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