Cold weather lesson

Sometimes the best lessons are the ones that can’t be planned. During the frigid temperatures in January, EELC’s Imperial location staff turned a discussion about the weather into a very cool science experiment for their older children.

“Our discussion included what the temperature was outside, which sparked conversations about wishing the snow would melt. This led to talking more about how things melt, but also how things freeze,” explained supervisor Faron Potts.

The children were incredulous when Faron told them that because it was so cold outside, even boiling hot water would instantly turn to snow if it was exposed to the weather.

“The looks on their faces were priceless! I got a lot of, “no way!’, and “Faron, are you telling the truth?”

So while Faron boiled some water, the children made predictions about what would happen when she took it outside and threw it into the frigid air – would it turn to snow like she’d promised, or would she soak herself from head to toe and get burnt in the process?

“We had a great afternoon discussing these things. The experiment was science at its best!” Faron said.

You can see whose prediction held true by watching what happened with the boiling water experiment!


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