Discovering camouflage

Submitted by Audra Hammer, program supervisor at Gladys McDonald EELC

As the preschoolers at EELC’s Gladys McDonald location worked on a project about winter animals, it was fitting – and they were very excited – to see the white rabbit that often frequents the front area of the centre. This sight sparked a discussion about camouflage and how the children and staff could identify with their friend the rabbit.

The children realized they needed to be white in order to be camouflaged against the snowy play yard and be properly protected against predators, so they came up with the idea to paint their faces white.

After waiting patiently until everyone’s face was painted, we dressed to go outside. Soon the children realized we had hit another road block – though their faces were as white as snow, their winter gear was brighter than ever!

After some thought, the children suggested they could squish together and pretend they were rabbits in a burrow, laying low to keep safe and warm. Once outside, the group gathered in a circle and put their heads together to come up with the best possible way to do so.

They were so proud of the way they camouflaged against the snow that many forgot about their snowsuits!

They then tried to hide in the trees, which they discovered didn’t work so well – maybe in the spring they’ll try again!


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