Early Learning and Child Care month

May is Early Learning and Child Care month in Saskatchewan. What an excellent time to acknowledge the many early childhood educators who work in centres like ours, and the good they provide for the children in their care.

In fact, according to this article, a study was recently published that contained statistics about the positive effects of good childcare later in life. Basically, good childcare from the earliest days – both at home and when parents are at work – is crucial to the development of healthy, productive, adults.

Still, the use of the term “daycare” to refer to early childhood education centres remains. We should begin calling it what it is – a centre where children are educated in many ways; from teaching math concepts and letter recognition, to helping children learn to label and understand emotions and how to get along with others. Childcare professionals care for children, so we should call the work that they do “childcare” or better yet, “early childhood education.”

Celebrate with us this month and beyond as we continue to provide top quality early childhood education!


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