Gladys McDonald testimonial

My family has been part of the EELC world for almost exactly five years. When we drop off our boys with the staff we always know they are in good hands. We never have to worry about their safety, their need for interaction, we knew they are loved!

Some of the best perks of EELC are the resources and programming. They educate their staff, allow for Professional Development, plan wonderful activities and have field trips regularly. My boys we never bored and always entertained. The meals the children are exposed to are wonderful; we are a busy family and sometimes we don’t always have the best suppers. However, it made us feel less guilty knowing they had healthy snacks and lunch during the day.

We are leaving the EELC family soon, not because he don’t like the service, but because our family has moved into a new area and we need to be part of a different community. Thank you to all the staff we have met over the past 5 years, we will miss you and always remember and talk about the times our boys had at your Centre.


Allison Ekdahl-Johnston

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