Mission and culture

Mission and culture













Our mission is:
Over its history, Ranch Ehrlo Society has developed unique and innovative programs to assist children, youth, families, and communities.

The mission of the Ranch Ehrlo Society is to provide quality prevention, restorative, and advocacy services to vulnerable individuals and families though highly engaged and professional employees.

The culture that has evolved over the Ranch’s history is fundamental to the services it provides.
The culture at Ranch Ehrlo:  “Builds and maintains services founded on respect, caring, and nurturing for individuals and families; recognizes the dignity, value, and personal worth of all people; creates opportunities for people to reach their full potential through a continuum of practical programs of support, counselling, and training; provides advocacy on behalf of individuals, families and communities with all levels of government; and, builds and maintains high levels of competence within the organization through leadership, training, and experience.”

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