About us

The Paper Crane Community Arts Centre is a community program operated by Ranch Ehrlo Society. The centre serves individuals, families, youth, and community groups within a safe, inclusive environment. Our programming fosters healthy well-being and inspires clients through a diverse range of artistic disciplines including dance, drama, music, visual art, new media, literature, multidisciplinary arts, yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, and holistic wellness.We believe that creative expression and exploration is the gateway to personal growth though understanding the role of the self in one’s own processing, interactions and relationships. We employ local and international artists whose passion is to promote health and well-being in their practice and work with volunteers to provide quality community programming.

About the facility

The Paper Crane Community Arts Centre is located in Regina’s warehouse district at 1221 Osler Street.

Located on the second floor the centre has 5,000 square feet of space, including a kitchen for healthy snack breaks, and creative spaces for our different programing. Each of our creative endeavors, whether they be movement-based like yoga or dancing, sound-based like music or drama, or something more hands-on like creating mandalas, drawing, or painting, has its own space – meaning there’s no distractions from whatever expression you’re focused on at the time.

This creative space exists for us to find a sense of wellness and wellbeing through the arts, and we hope you can join us!

About our name

The act of creating something tangible (Paper) married with nurturing and honouring the soul with creative abilities (Crane) inspired our program’s name. Paper represents the act of creating the physical, through construction and action while the crane carries a significance that aligns with celebrating the wonder of creating through the arts, and the mental/emotional supports that group work can provide.


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