Teaming up for new treads

Each morning when we leave our homes, we put on our shoes. It’s something that many of us take for granted, but having a brand-new pair isn’t something that everyone gets to experience.

SportChek staffThanks to a generous grant provided by Canadian Tire’s JumpStart, Ehrlo Sport Venture got to change that for 46 participants in the Monday Night Football League (MNF).

“Everyone should have shoes that fit properly, and for the kids in our programs these shoes will allow them to fully participate,” explained Sport Venture manager Amanda McConnell. “It will also provide them with the opportunity to have new shoes for the new school year.”

trying on new shoesOn September 25th, staff from Sport Chek (which is owned by Canadian Tire) were on hand at Ehrlo Sport Venture library outfitting the kids with their new kicks. The youth were identified by indicating on their MNF registration forms that they needed shoes to be able to participate, or were brought to Amanda’s attention through the Sport Venture’s partnership with DreamBrokers.

DreamBrokers is a program through Sask Sport and Sask Lotteries. DreamBroker staff are placed into four different schools in North Central Regina to help facilitate participation in extracurricular activities for families and children.

“JumpStart and SportChek have been so gracious to help us put this opportunity together,” Amanda said.

holding new shoes“A new pair of shoes is something that everyone should have access to, and we’re doing our part to help ensure that the kids in our community with the highest need are given a necessity that so many of us take for granted,” she added.


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