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Sport Venture’s leagues are powered by volunteers! We’d like to give credit where credit is due, so we’ll be highlighting some of our volunteers right here on our webpage so you can learn more about them, too!


Brett coaching

How long have you been involved with Sport Venture? Just over a year; I’ve coached with Monday Night Football and Ehrlo Rookie Baseball League

Why did you get involved? I was looking for way to give back. Sports are a personal passion of mine and this was a way to share my knowledge. I know the difference sports can make in a youth’s life, in terms of discovering things about themselves, overcoming challenges, and learning life skills.

Memorable moments? One, the amazing opportunity to be able to have practices at Mosaic Stadium — even as a coach it’s exciting, and the kids are even more excited to be able to be on the same field as the ‘Riders. Two, watching the baseball team grow and come together. Watching the growth and development of the kids was really rewarding as a coach. The other coaches were a great group, you could see their level of dedication to the kids, and it was great to be able to add to my own experience as well.

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