Volunteer feature: Rosemont Rink

Sport Venture’s leagues are powered by volunteers! We’d like to give credit where credit is due, so we’ll be highlighting some of our volunteers, like OHL Rosemont Rink volunteers Darren, Curtis, and Shana, so you can learn more about them, too!

When and why did you get involved with Sport Venture?

Darren: Four years ago after a co-worker suggested it. I’ve always wanted to give back. Growing up, I played sports without any worry, and knowing how much sports helped in my social development I couldn’t pass on the chance to help all kids in having that opportunity.

Curtis: I started volunteering with the OHL in 2007 and have since been involved in both the OHL and EBL. We don’t have our own kids yet, and I always thought I may become a teacher one day, so this seemed like a good fit.

Shana: This is my third year involved in the OHL as a coach. I got involved because I love sports and helping kids to make better choices and to have fun in a positive way.

Memorable moments?

Darren: Seeing kids score their first goal, and seeing how far they’ve come from the beginning of the season.

Curtis: There are some kids in particular who’s successes stick out to me. In basketball (I’m not a basketball player) some of the kids asked if a “real” coach would be joining – but by the end of the season one of them asked if I could coach all three of her teams!

Shana: The end of year tournament in Pilot Butte. It’s so exciting to see how the kids have progressed over the year.

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