Thanks to a distillery located in Brownlee, SK, Ranch Ehrlo has been provided with hand sanitizer to help keep our programs safe.

With sanitizer hard to find in stores, many distilleries in the province have been changing their process in order to make hand sanitizer for essential frontline workers, which our employees fall into the category of. However, many were only providing the product to police, fire departments, and EMS.

Smooth42 Craft Distillery in Brownlee, Saskatchewan was the exception.

“After explaining the size and nature of our organization and our willingness to purchase the product to Smooth42 co-owner Sacha Elez, he agreed that they would supply us with sanitizer free of charge,” explained northern facilities manager Chris Shynkaruk.

The question then became how much does an organization the size of ours require?

“Well, if we have approximately 120 facilities/programs, and each received 10 litres – we would require 1200 litres,” Chris said.

Even after being asked for such a large quantity, Smooth42 insisted they wouldn’t accept payment.

The first batch of hand sanitizer, 240 litres, has arrived and a plan is being worked on for distribution.

All Smooth42 has asked in return is that we share their GoFundMe campaign, created to keep the program providing free sanitizer to essential frontline services going as long as possible. All proceeds raised are going toward increasing their production capacity of hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol, which will continue to be donated to those who need it most. That link can be fund here:

We are grateful to Smooth42 for their generosity in these difficult times!