2nd annual powwow

2nd annual powwow

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A powwow is a celebration of life! Join us as we celebrate the lives changed by Ranch Ehrlo Society at our second annual powwow on August 31st.

Once again, our powwow will be competitive style – cash prizes will be given out to the top dancers in each age group/dance category. We will also be hosting a family style carnival, and will be providing a hamburger supper free of charge. (A canteen will be available throughout the day, and popcorn and snow cone stations will be available to round out the selection.)

We encourage everyone to attend, but understand there may be some trepidation regarding protocol for those less versed in attending these rich cultural celebrations. With that in mind, we have put together a list of very basic rules for those who are coming out:
Terminology: the clothing the dancers wear is called regalia, not costumes;
Regalia: some of articles are extremely old, some are sacred and they all take an extremely long time to make – do not touch without asking permission;
Drums: the drum is the heartbeat of a pow wow, and some drums have traditions that dictate it can never be left unattended. Do not attempt to play or touch without permission; “Drum” also refers to the group of performers who play the instrument, such as the “host drum”.
Photographs: never take a picture of a dancer without first asking his or her permission, however, it is generally acceptable to take pictures of the dances. If in doubt, find an organizer and ask. Often, if a sacred event is taking place, the MC will announce that photos are not permitted;
Sound recordings: again, permission must be sought before recording;
Grand Entry: always stand during the Grand Entry, which opens the pow wow – the Eagle Staff is the lead, followed by flags, then the dancers; other events may also require the audience to stand but the MC will make the announcement.

We hope to see you there!

Thank you to our sponsors


Thank you to our sponsors

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, check out our sponsor package or contact Trudy Bosch.

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