Family involvement is key

Family involvement is key

Posted by on Apr 19, 2018 in Our blog |

cheyenneAt Ranch Ehrlo, we’re well-known for the work we do with our country’s most vulnerable. But what you may not know is how we don’t do any of that alone – in fact, our clients and their families play a big role in their own treatment, programming, and even the spaces they gather in!

A great example of this can be found in the Family Treatment Program’s new building – before they even signed the lease of their current office, which they moved into last year, they asked the families in their program what it is they wanted and needed from the space. Touches of those suggestions can be seen throughout the building, from the brightly lit, open-area office spaces and daycare, to the photos of past program participants and staff that grace the wall in the main reception area.

Program participants have also had the opportunity to give input on changes to the program’s brochures, welcome packages, and website, ensuring that the materials participants use to learn about the program is truly reflective of the experience and will help the next family coming into the program.

Families have even had a say about who is hired in the program, explained director Patti Petruka. Their input often helps make better team connections when working with families and teaching them new skills.

Our family program works with families to help prevent the placement of children out of the home and assist families to reunite after having a child in care.

Being family-inclusive is very important – who better to know what our clients need than our clients themselves?