What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

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Carole Bryant

Guest blog by Carole Bryant, director of governance and corporate services

Ever wonder where the Hudson Administration Building got its name– why the education program in Regina is referred to as Schaller–or why the Ranch’s group homes have names attached to them like Mitchell, Wilson, Welke, or Alex Guy?  The answer is that these are all the names of former board chairs.

Since Ranch Ehrlo was established in 1966, it has been registered as a charitable organization under “The Societies Act”, then later “The Non-profit Corporations Act”.  Both acts require the establishment of a volunteer board of directors to “conduct the corporation’s business and affairs”.  The board is elected on an annual basis by the membership (employees, current and past board members) at the agency’s annual general meeting each fall.

Over the years the Ranch has elected a range of directors to provide financial and governance oversight and to represent the interests of the community.  The directors acquire knowledge and understanding of the work of the organization and its importance in the community.  As our late founder, Dr. Geoff Pawson, said “they need to lead the organization with vision, as displayed in policy, strategic planning, and innovation”.

The chair has the very important role of leading the board of directors.  The chair is elected to the position for a two-year term based on past performance as a board member and ability to promote the organization’s values in the community.

Mitchell House, for example, is named in honour of our first board chair, Lorne Mitchell. Lorne was a professional accountant and he laid the framework for financial oversight and controls at the agency. Schaller Education Centre is named after Dr. John Schaller, who was a professor of education at the University of Regina. Under John’s tenure as board chair (1978-80) a new education funding formula was negotiated with the provincial government.  The Hudson Administration Building is named after John Hudson who served as board chair from 1982-1984. During his term, the agency was forced to take the RM of Edenwold to court to obtain building permits to allow for the construction of Jewison House and the administration building on the Pilot Butte campus.

So we name our facilities after board chairs to honour their many contributions and to provide a lasting legacy within the agency.