What to expect

Programs and services are designed to enhance the well-being of individuals and their families through the provision of holistic, psychosocial therapies leading to improved social and emotional functioning.

Our residential programs include residential care for youth and supportive living arrangements for residents with developmental disabilities.

Clients entering Ranch Ehrlo generally find a home in one of our houses at our Pilot Butte campus, Corman Park campus, Buckland campus, or in the cities of Regina or Prince Albert. While residents become familiar with the Ranch Ehrlo way-of-life, a plan is developed to address their needs.

Each group home has a purpose designed to accommodate the needs of those living there. The programs prepare the residents to return to their families, to live independently, or to enter the world of employment.

Most homes are staffed with a unit manager, who heads the residential team which includes youth service workers, personal support workers and a housemother. Program caseworkers guide the service plan.

The programs
While living at the Ranch, each resident participates in daily group living experiences that focus on cooperation, communication, and planned activities. The programs address an individual’s social, psychological and physical well-being within a culturally sensitive environment, recognizing the right that all people are free to pursue a spiritual path of their own choosing.

Our treatment programs have been developed to focus on all aspects of life, and are based on four cornerstones: clinical treatment, education, work, and recreation.


Resident Handbook
This booklet will tell you about your stay at the Ranch. We will all work together to make sure that your stay with us is successful. If you have questions please ask any staff when you arrive.

Parent Handbook
This booklet is a summary of the information that you need to know about your child’s stay with Ranch Ehrlo Society. You can help with your child’s treatment by supporting this placement and being familiar with our programs, services, and policies. Your support will help your child achieve his or her maximum potential.