Ehrlo Counselling Services (ECS) was again the recipient of an extremely generous donation from the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation’s Anonymous Donor Fund.

The $50,000 donation will be used by ECS to provide pro-bono counselling sessions to high risk, vulnerable individuals who have the least access but the most need for services.

“At Ehrlo Counselling, we see a continued and important need to serve those high-risk vulnerable persons that are most in need of services with the least access to services. Whether this includes low-income families, single-parent homes, persons with cognitive or developmental disabilities or those with comorbid diagnosis,” said clinical director Natashia Schoenroth.

She added, “With the funding dollars, and the burden of cost gone, we have been able to provide services to persons and families such as these. With a donation like this, we will be able to offer approximately 400 counselling sessions to approximately 80 – 100 persons and families!”

 Ehrlo Counselling has received donations from the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation in the past and has used the funds to help hundreds of members of our community via individual and family counselling sessions, treatment planning, parenting support, psycho-education, and training.

Ehrlo Counselling is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing preventative and early intervention services to the community including counselling, training, assessment, and consultation services to the community at large.