If you’ve been around Ehrlo Counselling Services (ECS) lately, you may have noticed a bit of a service team shake up!

Psychologist Joey Panko has taken on the role of clinical manager. Joey is a familiar face, having been at Ranch Ehrlo Society for 11 years. Joey believes in utilizing a collaborative approach to help clients find and draw on their unique inner strengths. He enjoys working with people to help them overcome their obstacles and believes that psychology allows him to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

Carmel Kleisinger recently joined the ECS team as a registered psychologist, after spending 24 years in various roles at Ranch Ehrlo Society. Most recently, Carmel was in the role of director. She has a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and has been registered with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists since 2003. Carmel’s practice includes counselling and psychological assessment of children, adolescents, and adults, and she is approved by Health Canada to work with First Nations individuals.

Josee Westermann has come onboard as a provisional registered psychologist, after spending eight years in various caseworker roles at Ranch Ehrlo Society. Josee believes that genuine connection, collaboration, and a focus on strength-based approaches are essential for building authentic therapeutic relationships with clients. Given the diverse nature of clients, Josee believes it is important to adapt her clinical work to the specific needs of each client, their caregivers, and their communities.

Janelle Wilson is ECS’ newest cognitive disabilities consultant. She holds a Bachelor of Human Justice degree and has been working directly with at-risk youth for the past seven years in her career as a youth probation officer. Janelle enjoys working directly with people, as she appreciates hearing their stories and doing what she can to help them reach their full potential. She feels that a career in human services challenges her in ways few other careers could, as she is always learning from both her clients and co-workers.