During National Truth and Reconciliation Day this past September, $405 was raised for Awasiw at the All Nations Hope Network.

This is part of Ehrlo Counselling Services (ECS) ongoing work to support the organization and warm-up centre, which provides shelter and food security to people who are marginalized in Regina.

This past spring, ECS staff volunteered their time and made bagged lunches at the warm-up centre.

The initial goal of this fundraiser wasn’t so much to raise funds but to make sure that the Ranch was doing its part to learn and observe this important day.

“This day’s recognition was/is long overdue, and we as an office tried to think of ways that we could respect, learn, and observe,” explained organizers ECS Natashia Schoenroth, Shelley Tamaki, Alanna Laturnas, and Holly Huyghebaert in a written response. “Without a real understanding of the truth and hardships, we cannot move towards meaningful reconciliation.”

Ehrlo Counselling Services, the Clinical Assessment and Resource Team, and Cognitive Disability Strategy consultants all helped put the event on.

The day featured a bannock and soup lunch, jigging, music, and a performance by the Willow Warriors outside the Francis Street office.

This is not the first time ECS has worked to benefit Awasiw. Counselling staff have volunteered their time at the shelter to help people who are marginalized in the Regina community while receiving a broader understanding of the community's needs.