This is the last story in our CARE, Children and Residential Experiences: Creating Conditions for Change series.

CARE is based on six practice principles: developmentally focussed, family involved, relationship based, trauma informed, competence centered, and ecologically oriented and is designed to significantly influence the way professionals work with children.

We apply these principles to all of what we do at Ranch Ehrlo, including our Ehrlo Early Learning Centres. We can see these principles in action in our day-to-day work, as is illustrated by stories from our EELC staff.

CARE in relationships

At Wilfred Walker, we believe we have a great staff dynamic. We have had many new children join our centre in the last few months and their transitions have gone extremely well. We believe this is due to our staff’s exceptional ability to develop trusting, meaningful relationships with each child – a CARE principle. The children appear to feel safe and happy when they arrive each morning.