Foster care services

From time to time, children enter Ranch Ehrlo whose needs are not best served in a group home. We established our unique Foster Care Services to address this issue. The programs are a partnership between Ranch Ehrlo and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services.

Each program professionalizes foster care. We seek out qualified foster parents to provide a loving and supportive family environment and provide competitive professional remuneration. Our foster parents assume responsibility for youth in their care as well as ensure that the youth are actively involved with their community.

Treatment Foster Care program
Our Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program functions similarly to a traditional foster care placement. The key difference, we believe, is in the level of support provided. All TFC families have access to all of Ranch Ehrlo’s assessment and therapeutic services, 24/7 on call staff available, and respite available any time.

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Family-Based Treatment Home program
The Family-Based Treatment Home (FBTH) is a type of treatment foster care home supported by in-home child and youth care workers. Ranch Ehrlo will provide the house and vehicle for families to use. The child and youth care workers will be employed by Ranch Ehrlo and will rotate in and out of the home, providing support for the families in the FBTH program. Families will also have access to Ranch Ehrlo’s assessment and therapeutic services.

Emergency Foster Care program
Emergency Foster Care services are provided for children in Regina and the surrounding area who require emergency, short-term care as a result of being removed from their home. Families will welcome these children, typically aged 0 – 6 years into their homes 24/7 for up to 30 days while the Ministry develops a longer-term service plan. Ranch Ehrlo will provide the same level of support and services to our Emergency Foster Care families as we do for our longer-term placements.

Interested in be a foster parent?

  • Do you have a home in the Regina area?
  • Can you offer a loving and supportive family environment?
  • Are you caring and compassionate?
  • Do you love children?

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