Residential programs

All residential programs serve a specific purpose designed to accommodate the needs of our residents. Programs and services are designed to enhance the well-being of individuals and their families through the provision of holistic, psychosocial therapies leading to improved social and emotional functioning.

Our residential programs include residential care (group living) for youth, education, clinical services, and supportive living arrangements and vocational opportunities for young adults with developmental disabilities.

The philosophy of the Ranch involves the concept of “social nourishment” as the primary means to counteract the effects of abuse and neglect. The key principles guide the philosophy:

  • Programs of the agency strive towards normalcy as an operational expectation
  • Whenever possible, programs are community-based
  • Programs are designed to address the specific needs of the resident
  • Programs utilize the relationship and therapeutic support as part of the nurturing process
  • Programs build on a balanced perspective that includes work, education, recreation, and therapy

The Ranch is responsive to issues of cultural diversity, and makes every effort to design programs and services that reflect the population it serves. Since culture is an important aspect of self-identity, the agency has been delivering programs of cultural relevance to its residents for a number of years.