Clinical services

Clinical treatment is an integral part of what we do at Ranch Ehrlo. We help youth confront the issues that brought them here, while working to enhance their individual psychological and social well-being.  Clinical services provide a cooperative and supportive effort to enhance the treatment process. Clinical treatment is made up of program caseworkers, clinical assessment, and resources services.

Program caseworkers
This team of multidisciplinary professionals includes social workers, psychologists, and counsellors who act as the primary link between the agency, parents/guardians, and the various referral agencies. Program caseworkers conduct psychosocial assessments which provide a snapshot of the individual’s history, current functioning, and identified needs for treatment. From there, program caseworkers guide treatment/service planning, individual and specialized group counselling, crisis intervention, case management, team training and consultation, family work, discharge planning, and post-discharge follow-up.

Clinical Assessment and Resource Services
The team of registered psychologists provides assessment, consultation and training, and mentoring services to the residential and educational programs. On a contracted basis, the team also includes speech-language pathologists. Youth and adults from Ranch Ehrlo are referred for assessment for reasons such as prenatal exposure to alcohol, childhood trauma and maltreatment, disruptive behaviour and attention problems, and developmental problems such as autism.

An assessment report with treatment recommendations is provided to staff to support the client during their stay at Ranch Ehrlo. Psychiatric services are also provided on a referral basis. Two consulting psychiatrists provide initial and follow-up consultations as required, to monitor the use of medications and treatment effectiveness. Neurological testing is ordered for those residents, as indicated.