Residential Youth Care

Our Specialized Treatment Programs incorporates live-in services, clinical treatment, education, and recreation for youth.

Young people are in treatment 24 hours a day and every activity is focused on achieving the best outcome for that youth.


Ranch Ehrlo offers several specialized treatment services for youth, focusing on responding to the needs of the participant living in each home.

Intake and assessment programs

These services are designed for intake, stabilization, and assessment of the youth entering our program. 

Residential treatment

Programming focuses on providing youth with opportunities for greater independence. There are life skill building opportunities available to clients such as shopping, meal preparation, accessing social services, and other skills.

Youth transition

The service is for youth that require support successfully navigating the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Focus is on daily life skills, community/family connectedness, medical resources, community involvement, and vocational/education skills.

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