In the making

In the making

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Chad Beloin stands in MacKay House. He’s quiet while the memories of his time here wash over him. The house has been updated, the walls are different colours, but having spent half his childhood here, Ranch Ehrlo is still home base for him.

“If it weren’t for the staff at Ranch Ehrlo, if it weren’t for the staff at MacKay house, honestly – I don’t know where I’d be, but I don’t think I would be here.”

Chad was born in Saskatoon. For half his childhood, he was raised in Hafford, Saskatchewan. The other half was spent at Ranch Ehrlo Society. Chad spent time in both MacKay and Jewison houses, and on the Corman Park campus, working through anger, depression, and abandonment issues.

“I hung out with a bad crew. I didn’t make the best decisions. Even when I was (at the Ranch), I didn’t make the best decisions,” he admits.

Chad filming in MacKay House

Chad filming in MacKay House

But something great did come out of his time at MacKay – it was here that Chad found his passion for music. He found an online publisher who would produce his work, and using the computer at the house he’d burn the music to CD and print paper sleeves for each copy. He took the CDs down to the local corner store and sell the copies.

Ranch staff supported his talents, encouraging him to perform at the annual award’s nights in Regina and Prince Albert.

Playing the electronic keyboard one day, Chad got the attention of fellow music enthusiast Dallas Elder, also living at MacKay House.

“I’m proof that Chad can develop artists. He’s the whole reason I make music today,” Dallas said. “If I hadn’t come to Ranch Ehrlo and met Chad, I wouldn’t be an artist today. He taught me a lot about music.”

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Chad. Just as he was making it big on the music scene, with hits on his ReverbNation and YouTube accounts increasing daily, he found himself with a serious drug and alcohol problem. For five years, he fell off the radar of the music scene.

“To be honest, the last five years is a really big blur,” he says simply.

Chad sobered up just over a year ago and decided it was time to get back to doing what he loved. He started his own company, Vitality Entertainment Group, an independent recording label based in Toronto, and began working

Chad's documentary poster

Chad’s documentary poster

on a new album. He determined that it was time to tell his story through a documentary, In The Making.

Filming the documentary is what brings Chad back to MacKay House. It’s difficult to look back at certain times in his life – the death of his grandfather, who raised him, the health issues that led to struggles vocally, depriving him of his biggest release. Standing in the house where he spent so many years, Chad is overcome with emotion.

Dallas steps in to fill the quiet.

“No matter where Chad is in his life, or where I am in mine, we are all going to make it together because of music.”

Chad and Dallas

Chad and Dallas

Chad is reflective for a moment before saying, again, that he’s grateful for the staff and all they’ve done for him.

“At the end of the day, these people are changing and saving lives. On behalf of all the past youth, and the future youth – thank you.”

We invite you to join us in celebrating youth finding themselves like Chad at our 50th anniversary celebration, Sept. 29th at the Queensbury Convention Centre in Regina.

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Clients’ stories

Clients’ stories

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Check out stories and updates from former Ranch youth.

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“The most important thing in life is your family. Sometimes it’s the family you’re born into and sometimes it’s the one you make for yourself.” Read the story of  19-year-old Emilio Bear. And what he has been up to in the last few years.

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A year in review

A year in review

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A full crowd turned out in Regina for the Ranch Ehrlo Society and RES & E Holding Corporation annual general meetings on September 25, 2012.

RES and E Holding Corporation was established as a holding company to manage the property and buildings owned by the Ranch Ehrlo Society and the former Ehrlo Community Services. 

Chair of the corporation, Evan Ulmer called the meeting to order and delivered the chair report. This past year the board reviewed the three-year capital plan of the Ranch and initiated fair market value assessments of three properties currently owned by the agency: Jordan House on the Pilot Butte Campus; the Donalda Hansen Centre for Equine Therapy at the Buckland Campus; and, a single family dwelling located on McTavish Street in Regina.

Ulmer added, “In June the board approved in principle the transfer of 10 acres of land on the Corman Park Campus to facilitate the construction of a sewage line from the campus to the Martensville lagoon.”

Following the meeting, Jim Kenyon the chair of the Ranch Ehrlo board, called to order the annual general meeting for the Ranch. In his speech he recounted the passing of Ranch founder Dr. Geoff Pawson and the transition the agency has experienced. 

Doug Schneider, Chair of the Ranch’s audit committee, presented the financial report for the year ending on May 31, 2012. Doug highlighted key performance indicators that measured the health and performance of the Ranch. The indicators included the Ranch’s occupancy level which for the year was an average of 92.8%, its salary to revenue ratio that saw Ranch staff receiving 72 cents in wages and benefits from every dollar the Ranch earned.

Doug added, “During the year, the Ranch made over $4.4 million investment in capital assets for the programs we deliver.  This investment was in all three campuses and in the City of Regina.  These investments included a new 10 bed group home on the Pilot Butte campus, the completion of McEwen Manor on Osler Street in Regina, roadway paving at the Pilot Butte campus, and the construction of a garage/shop at the Buckland campus.”

Retiring board

(l to r) Wanda Falkowsky, Christine Hansen Chad, Duane Hayunga, Andrea Seale, Art Wakabayashi, and Robin Woodward. Absent Dan Perrins.

Seven retiring board members were also honoured for their dedication to the agency. They included: Wanda Falkowsky, Christine Hansen Chad, Duane Hayunga, Dan Perrins, Andrea Seale, Art Wakabayashi, and Robin Woodward.

New board member Laurel Garven was introduced as was the Executive Committee comprised of Chair Jim Kenyon, Vice-Chair Dr. Cyril Kesten, Past Chair Deb Jordan, Secretary Debbie McKague, and Treasurer Heather Collins.

The meeting ended with a key note address from guest speaker Jim Conway from the Search Institute that has spent 50 years acquiring knowledge and resources to help kids succeed.

See the 2011-2012 annual report2011 - 2012 annual report


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