Application for rental housing

Affordable housing is intended for low to moderate income households, including families, youth, seniors and persons with a disability.  Under this program, tenants enjoy rental rates that are below market rent in this community.  The maximum allowable rents are determined and revised by Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, based on median market rents in Regina.

You are eligible for the affordable housing program if:

  • Your household’s income is at or below the limits established and revised by Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC), through the Social Housing Program Rates Schedule;
  • You are able to live independently either alone or with supports;
  • Your household fits with the types of housing we have available;
  • You have good rental and/or character references;
  • You are NOT in Canada on a student visa or as a visitor.

If you are eligible, Ehrlo Housing will review your housing circumstances (family size and composition) and assess your level of need for housing (Priority Assessment).  When a unit is available, Ehrlo Housing will approve the household with the greatest housing need on a first come/first serve basis and by interview.

If your application is approved but no housing unit is available immediately, you may be put on a waitlist, and you may need to provide additional information to confirm you are still eligible for the program when a unit becomes available.

Rental rates

Rates are determined based on the maximum rents allowable by Saskatchewan Housing Corporation.  They are adjusted periodically to reflect changes in the median market rents in this community (see below for current year maximums).

Ehrlo Housing reviews rental rates annually based on SHC’s updated Rate Schedule and proposes any rent increase, which then must be approved by the Board of Directors of the Ranch Ehrlo Society.  All notice of rental rate increases will follow the guidelines of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, and be reported to SHC.

Annual review

Every year, between April 1st and May 30th, the Tenant must provide proof of the total annual income of each member in the household and verification of family composition.  Failure to provide either document on an annual basis will result in a 30 day Notice to Vacate.

If you are no longer eligible

If it is determined that your income or family composition has changed and you are no longer eligible for affordable housing, Tenants will be given a 90 day notice (3 months) in which to find other suitable accommodations.

2022/23 Ehrlo Housing rental rates (effective July 1, 2022)

Bachelor Suites - McEwen Manor, $674; Chaz Court, $478)

1 bedrooms - Lakeshore, $791

2 bedrooms - Lakeshore, $832

2022/23 income maximums

Bachelor suites           Single, no dependants - $38,000 or $43,700 (disability)

1 bedroom units          Single/Couple/1 dependant - $38,000 or $43,700 (disability)

2 bedroom units          Single/Couple/2 or more dependants - $46,000 or $63,800 (disability)

Ehrlo Housing office

Our office is located at #2-3535 Hillsdale St.  S4S 3S4.  Applications can be dropped off in person at this location.

Applications can also be emailed to: or    

Our in-office hours are 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.  You can contact our office at 306-751-5666 or 306-584-3313 to make an appointment outside these hours if necessary. 

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