Hours of operation

Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Closed statutory holidays)

Fee structure

(payment of centre fees is due on the first working day of every month)

The rates have changed for children under 6 years and are as follows:

                              September 2021   February 2022
fee for children eligible for Fee Reduction Grant


Full time $754/month   Full time $421/month
  Part time $530/month   Part time $295.93/month
  Hourly $7.75   Hourly $5.67


  Full time $686/month   Full time $380/month


Part time $479/month   Part time $265.34/month
  Hourly $7.75   Hourly $5.84

Our September rates are in effect for all children 6 years old and older including our school age fees.

School year fees:

  • Full time $512/month
  • Part time $318/month
  • Mornings $236/month
  • Afternoons $288/month
  • Hourly $6.60

Summer time fees:

  • Full time $619/month
  • Weekly fee $187

Short weeks will be prorated.

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