Hours of operation

Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Closed statutory holidays)

Fee structure

(payment of centre fees is due on the first working day of every month)

The rates have changed for children under six years old, and are as follows:

                              September 2021   February 2022
fee for children eligible for Fee Reduction Grant


Full time $754/month   Full time $421/month
  Part time $530/month   Part time $295.93/month
  Hourly $7.75   Hourly $5.67


  Full time $686/month   Full time $380/month


Part time $479/month   Part time $265.34/month
  Hourly $7.75   Hourly $5.84

Our September rates are in effect for all children six years old and older including our school age fees.

School year fees:

  • Full time $512/month
  • Part time $318/month
  • Mornings $236/month
  • Afternoons $288/month
  • Hourly $6.60

Summer time fees:

  • Full time $619/month
  • Weekly fee $187

Short weeks will be prorated.

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