Registration for the 2022 Ehrlo Outdoor Hockey League is open! Take part in this free-of-charge recreational opportunity that’s meant for families who are unable to participate in traditional, organized sports. Our amazing volunteers provide an environment where positive impacts are made for players and families both on and off the ice. Register through the form below!

OHL Equipment Lending Program & Registration

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Required equipment - Please check off the equipment that is required:

type Required
shin pads
jock/jill strap (do not return)
shoulder pads
elbow pads
neck protector

If you indicated you needed a jock/jill strap, stick, or skates, please list details below.

I agree to grant permission for my child to participate in the Ehrlo Outdoor Hockey League (OHL) offered by Ehrlo Sport Venture.

By signing below, I agree to have my child participate in the OHL where pictures of my child may be taken, either in still or video form, and released to the public.

I agree to grant permission for any medical services to be rendered in the event such services are needed.  I also agree that Ehrlo Sport Venture, Ranch Ehrlo Society and/or any other proprietors and/or partnering agencies involved in the OHL will not be held responsible for any accidents or loss, however caused, and agree to release them from all claims or damages which may result from, or by any reason of, such accidents or loss.  I hereby acknowledge that certain risks of injury are inherent to participation in the OHL and Mini Hockey programs.  I hereby WARRANT that my child is physically fit to participate and understand that the CHOICE to participate brings with it the ASSUMPTION OF THOSE RISKS AND RESULTS that may be associated with my child’s participation.

I acknowledge that in the circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is a risk of my contracting this disease as a result of associating with players, managers, spectators, and others during the course of participating in any Ehrlo Sport Venture program this year. My risk includes illness and in severe cases, death. I am also at risk of communicating this disease (however or wherever contracted by me) to others who may then experience greater or lesser illness and in severe cases, death. Ehrlo Sport Venture has implemented certain precautions and practices to try and ensure a safe experience for all participants, spectators, and others who may be exposed to this illness. I agree to follow the guidelines to the best of my ability. In the event of a discrepancy between directives of Ehrlo Sport Venture and any current Public Health order or guidelines, the Public Health directives shall prevail. If I am ill or become ill or am concerned that I may have been exposed to Coronavirus, I agree to notify the appropriate Health Authority and to inform the team or organization or individuals that I may have been in contact with, promptly and without delay.