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Ehrlo Sport Venture Library is just like a library for books – only we lend out sports equipment!

Are you a group working with inner-city youth? Then you’re eligible to access equipment from the library, including but not limited to skates, protective equipment for contact sports, ball gloves, bats, raquets and golf clubs. Over 100 groups currently do so.

Equipment is collected via donations and either lent out through the library program or recycled to individuals and groups that demonstrate the need. To use library equipment at Ehrlo Sport Venture Library, all you need is to come in and  provide your name, contact information, and one piece of ID.

Equipment inventory

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School skate program

Each winter schools across the city access the Sport Venture Library to rent skates for their classroom. On a given day hundreds of skates can be rented and returned several times to the library.

Ordering skates for your school:

  • Skate orders may be picked up for morning or afternoon skating sessions.
  • Orders will be confirmed by phone or email as soon as possible.
  • Requests need to be made a minimum of two working days in advance of the skate date.
  • Orders are booked on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
  • Skates and helmets must be returned to the Sport Venture Library on time and in the same condition in which they were loaned (i.e. clean, pairs tied together, etc.).
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate skate sizes as submitted.  In the event of a shortfall of half-sizes, skates will be increased by one half size.
  • Sport Venture Library reserves the right to refuse any order.

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Consider donating your old equipment

Ehrlo Sport Venture relies on the generosity of local businesses and individuals to fund our programs and to build our library inventory.


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