Since 2016, Ehrlo Sport Venture has been helping new Canadian youth learn a little more about their new home through the power of sport

The camp runs for four days and focuses on a different sport each day. Over the years, participants have been exposed to lacrosse, rugby, football, baseball, basketball, road hockey, and cricket. Sport Venture teams up with various community groups, such as Elite Basketball Academy and the Regina Rugby Club to make the camp successful.

Almost 50 youth came out for this year’s camp, which featured baseball, basketball, rugby, and road hockey.

“I think they’re having fun,” said Sport Venture staff member Leslie on the first day of camp, focusing on baseball. “Only three of the 47 youth here had ever had any experience with baseball before, but they all caught on very quickly and are great at catching and throwing the ball.”

The camps started with a few hours of drills and culminated in a game at the end of the morning.

The camp was established when the Open Door Society reached out to Sport Venture and asked if they could help with planning recreation-related programming for their youth, and the number of participants has increased each year.

“This camp is an incredible opportunity for many of the youth to try out a sport that they have little or no experience in, and an opportunity to connect with community groups in case they want to continue on in a particular sport,” explained Sport Venture manager Amanda McConnell.

“This is our way of using sport to help ease the transition for many of these young people into a new culture and community. It’s four days of fun, laughter, and learning – one of the highlights of Sport Ventures summer programming!”

The Sport Venture team is staying busy in the afternoons as well. For the second year. Sport Venture will be running day camps for families involved in the Ranch’s Family Treatment Program (FTP).

The day camp is focused on fun and giving families an opportunity to participate in activities together. All of the activities are geared for anyone ages eight and up. Last season there were relay races, water balloon fights, and bubble ball.

FTP camp is scheduled for the afternoons of July 23-26th and a second one, Aug. 6-9th.