About Us

Who we are

We believe everyone should have equal access to counselling services.

Ehrlo Counselling Services,  traditional name - Thundering Buffalo Lodge, provides a range of counselling, assessment, training, and consultation services that seek to improve the lives of individuals, families, and groups within the community and surrounding areas.

Ehrlo Counselling Services is a part of Ranch Ehrlo Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families reach their full potential.

Treatment philosophy

Our treatment philosophy assumes a developmental approach and includes a bio-psycho-social model of treatment. This serves as a framework to assist individuals in achieving positive growth, healthy functioning in daily life, and enhancement of overall well-being.

Our model of service allows for an integration of approaches based on best practice standards for the individual's unique needs. Treatment planning and goal setting are accomplished in collaboration with our clients. This process is based on our belief that many difficulties can be resolved through short-term interventions.

Our belief

Given that we want to promote counselling services and believe that all people should have equal access to mental health services, there are options available if you are having financial hardship. Contact us, and we would be happy to look at specific strategies to help you.

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