Registration in a professional association

The treatment team at Ehrlo Counselling Services are required to be registered with a professional association. Memberships include registered psychologists (registration with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists), master prepared registered social workers (registration with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers) and certified Canadian counsellors (membership with the Canadian Counselling Association). Counsellors follow ethical guidelines of their professional association as well as the Ehrlo Counselling Services policy on confidentiality.

Continuing education

Continuing education is an inherent part of our service delivery model. In order to uphold the best standards of practice, all of our counsellors participate in continuing education on a regular, ongoing basis.


All of our counselling services and programs follow ethical guidelines that integrate the highest standards of professional counselling practice. All communication between counsellors and our clients is confidential, as guided by the Ehrlo Counselling Services policy on confidentiality and the ethics of our professional registration associations (i.e. Saskatchewan College of Psychologists, Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers).

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