Ehrlo Counselling Services (Thundering Buffalo Lodge) conducted their second-year feast in honor of the naming ceremony that took place one year ago.

Sauteaux Elder Alvin Kequahtooway from Sakamay First Nation received tobacco and much gratitude for his blessings and traditional knowledge. Prayers and singing were imparted for a good life, protection, and to facilitate good communication with the spirit world. 

Together staff and others feasted for their names that were given to them a year ago. Their Indigenous spirit names help with understanding who one is in creation, helps one to have balance and lead a good life, know where one belongs, where one comes from, and where one is going in creation.

The food, drums, and rattles were smudged and blessed, and a plate was offered for the Creator. Moose soup, bannock, salmon with corn, chokecherry grits, chocolates, loads of fruit and tea were placed on the blanket on the floor close to Mother Earth. 

The food was served by the boys who were the elder's sons, and men: counsellors Dave Wiebe and Ian Reid.

No food was wasted. Any food left over went home to share or was given back to Mother Earth outside. 

Special guest, MLA Nicole Sarauer (Running Water Woman), participated again this year. Special thanks to Jamie Lerat, Ranch Ehrlo’s Indigenous advisor, for her consultation and participation.

In my opinion, in the spirit of reconciliation and "learning in action" - the Indigenous world view, participation in ceremony is the most effective and beautiful way to gain knowledge and understanding of Indigenous culture.

Read about the naming ceremony that took place last year here.