We had some special guests visit our office on Tuesday morning despite the wintery weather that rolled in at the same time! 

Ehrlo Counselling Services recently held a Meet-and-Greet event and invited a number of community organizations to attend. 

The team at Ehrlo Counselling was excited to have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and thank community sponsors and stakeholders.  

It was also an opportunity for Ehrlo Counselling to highlight their traditional name that was given during an official naming ceremony: Thundering Buffalo Lodge. Ehrlo Counselling handed out cute bison fidget toys sporting the Ranch Ehrlo and Thundering Buffalo Lodge logos. 

Amanda DeMarsh, MSW counsellor, said, “It’s so important to us to be able to host these events as it gives us the opportunity to share more about the work that Ehrlo Counselling can offer within the community including how we might be able to partner and collaborate with different agencies.” 

Natashia Schoenroth, director of Ehrlo Counselling, said, “We at Ehrlo Counselling were so excited to connect, collaborate, and partner with our stakeholders and community. Collaboration in the face of mental health challenges is not just an option; it is the compass guiding us towards a healthier, more compassionate community.” 

Ehrlo Counselling provides a range of counselling, training, assessment, and consultation services to individuals, couples, families, and community members. Our counsellors are highly qualified clinicians who provide a variety of evidence-based treatments. 

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