You’ve heard of student representative councils, but have you heard of the adult version?

Ranch Ehrlo has an adult representative council (ARC) that is made up of all the adults who are participants in the Supported Living Programs. There are currently 81 participants in the programs.

Shaun Silzer, program manager, said, “The purpose of the ARC is to provide representation by our adult participants in operations of the agency, facilitate communication between participants, clinicians, managers, and administration, and organize leisure activities and events for all adult participants.”

He went on to say that the main function of the ARC is to build relationships.

“The ARC is important because it allows our adult participants to have a voice and to gather for a common cause,” Shaun added.

David Sanguais, adult participant, agrees the ARC is important for participants.

The ARC meets every three months. They enjoy discussing the different events, such as the Halloween bowling night, the movie nights, the annual barbecue, and the annual Christmas party. There is an election every two years to vote for a new executive.

Shaun Thiesen explains what happens at the quarterly meetings.

Marcellus Larson is a new member of the ARC. He really enjoyed his first ARC Christmas party. Here he explains the items he was excited to win.

The meetings also include guest speakers to entertain and inform the participants. Speakers have included Ranch Ehrlo’s CEO Natalie Huber, Dean Boutin, director of information technology, Jamie Lerat, Indigenous advisor, and members of the community.